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--We of emigrati.it are convinced that it is possible to transform the phenomenon of the emigration into development factor of the native territories of appurtenance.

The digital culture is the cognitive phase of electricity - D. de Kerckhove

Weakening Philosophy - Essays in Honour of Gianni Vattimo - Edited by Santiago Zabala

Florenses Escatology - Mediterranean Culture: Mediterranean Art: San Giovanni in Fiore: Gioacchino da Fiore - Florens Abbey

--San Giovanni in Fiore is a small medieval town was founded in the XIII century around the Florens Abbey which was built by Joachim of Flora.
--Once mystical center and voted to the Spirit, in the heart of the SILA, rises on a mountainous massive in the middle of the Mediterranean.

The suggestion

--One must work to conform a culture of the internationalization of the operators and the calabrians citizens in order to give life, with the Italians resident in a foreign country, to new relations and change those which already exist in stable and concrete factors for the development of the territory; one must indicate new methodologies, new fields of common research, proposals which reinforce the interest of Calabrians and Italians emigrants, resident in the foreign country, toward their ground of origin, to support knowledge and the contact between operators which work in Italy and those which work in a foreign country.

--We of emigrati.it are convinced that it is possible to transform the phenomenon of the emigration into development factor of the native territories of appurtenance.

--This is possible involving the emigrants in the foreign country as propellers for the development and broadcasting of the products, the culture, the calabrians and italians innovations in the world.

--emigrati.it is our proposal of contact and exchange around fields of common interests between Calabrians and Italians who live in a foreign country and those, like us, live in fatherland.
Happy surf!

--The President

--Francesco Saverio ALESSIO

--emigrati.it Italians Emigrants Internet Association

--ITALIAN FOR FOREIGNERS INTENSIVE SEMINAR by Università Cattolica del "Sacro Cuore"

--Vivi Australia - Bridging Italy and Australia through Education


--[... ] the state of diffused social suffering, the evanescence of the reverberated mirages from the residual hopes of the economic development, the institutional atrophy and the political degradation, the loss of ethnic and familial solidarity, the failure of the traditional culture, the condition, diffused and pervasive, of psychological suffering represent the pointers of a long period of an irremediable historical and anthropological defeat of the autochthon society which, decimated by the mass emigration, seems to be resigned by now to the extinction [... ]

--The restless alliance between psychopathology and anthropology

--Salvatore INGLESE

--Every human being is thus unique and each Culture is precious; all the Cultures offer various and original fields of investigations of the reality. The preciosity of the cultural diversities is, for us of emigrati.it, a treasure to be kept carefully as the base for any human development.

--For an analysis of the Florense migratoring experience

--Francesco Saverio ALESSIO

--San Giovanni in Fiore, 1 October 2003

--Furthermore of the collective imaginary world, the Mediterranean is covered each day by rivers of migrants: in my town, San Giovanni in Fiore, after the Christmas holidays at least other one hundred persons have emigrated; emigrated in other regions, here in Italy and abroad, in the Mediterranean basin and in other continents. Young and not so young people, intellectuals and not. I had to migrate in Caccuri for being listened by someone, for being able to express the possibilities of the project emigrati.it, written up and realized in total nonchalance of press and institutions in San Giovanni in Fiore, insurmountable example of migration and failed policy of the territory.

--San Giovanni in Fiore, January 2002

--[...] the migrations of entire populations, from whichever geographic place of the Earth to other places, the advent in the last decade of Internet, the tendency to the Mediterranean-Euro enlarging of Europe, the infinity of cultural interlaces, in synthesis the age of intercultural and global communication, push me more and more towards the search of my roots, from Calabria’s to the Mediterranean, to the common roots of every man...

--For an analysis of the Florense migratoring experience

--Francesco Saverio ALESSIO


--In its most general sense, the term genealogy refers to the study of family history, while encompassing such related fields as ethnology, onomatology and heraldry.


--...they left again from Petra and were withdrawn between the mounts in Fiore, so that in Nazareth the new fruit of the Saint Spirit would be announced, until, beginning from that place, the Lord operate the maximum salvation on earth. [...]
--Biography of Joachim of Flora

--Dante voiced the general opinion of his age in declaring Joachim one "endowed with prophetic spirit. But he himself always disclaimed the title of prophet.


What life has taught me
I would like to share with
Those who want to learn...

Until the philosophy which holds
One race superior and another inferior
Is finally and permantely discredited
And abandoned
That until there are no longer
First class and second class citizen
One any nation
Until the color of a man skin
If no more significance than
The color of his eyes
That until therebasic human rights
Are equally guarateed to all,
Without regard to race
That until that day,
The dream of lasting peace, world
Citizenship and the rule of inter-
national morality
Will remain in but a fleeting illusion
To be persued, but never attained
And until the ignoble and unhappy
Regime that now hold our brothers
in Angola, in Mozambique, South Africa
In sub-human bondage, have been
Toppled utterly destroyed

Until that day the African Continent
Will not know peace
We Africans will fight, if necessary
And we now we shall win
As we are confident in the victory of
Good over Evil, of Good ever Evil

--Rastaman Vibration


--Kingstone - Giamaica - 1978

--Island Records

--Speech by H.I.M. Hailé Selassie
King of Kings, Lord of Lords, the Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah.
--California 28 february 1968


Architecture of Intelligence

  • Connected Intelligence

    Connected Intelligence is an innovative technology that can address the educational challenge of bringing students and teachers together to generate a range of solutions by utilizing the connective energy of knowledge networks (human and virtual).  It is based on the work done by Derrick de Kerckhove, Director of the McLuhan Program and KPMG's Electronic Markets Group.



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  • --Write us, by mail or e-mail, stimulate with proposals and new ideas on the emigration the debate, that we are starting, communicate how important is for you to take care of services that regard the emigrants.

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The digital culture is the cognitive phase of electricity - D. de Kerckhove

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